Hey All!

Sips of Hot Chocolate (SHC) is a lifestyle blog that focuses on living a healthier life both physically and mentally that will benefit you and the planet, conservation/activist efforts, and, occasionally, discussing current events, all from the viewpoint of an everyday Jane.

I believe the majority of the people wish to do good in this world, but do not always have the means or know the methods. SHC will hopefully allow all the everyday Jane’s and Joe’s find small, simple things they can accomplish. Leading to a ripple effect with family and friends joining in as well.

SHC’s writer, me!, is a mid-twenties, San Diego, Ca native who wants to hold onto the good in the world. At the prime age of becoming fully embedded into society and having political issues and current events affecting the innocent life once lived, I seek to hold onto compassion and strive to find ways to benefit the planet. I look to my elders and their viewpoints of “It’s always been this way, and you’re not going to change it, so learn to accept it and focus on yourself,” and I refuse to succumb to that mindset. SHC is my passion to share with others how to make small changes in their everyday lives to benefit not only themselves, but the world they want to be proud to call home.