Help Sea Turtles: Shop at Shelly Cove

Shelly Cove…what an adorable name for a great organization that supports sea turtles.

Shelly Cove is a clothing and accessories company that donates 10% of their net profits to The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Surf City, North Carolina. Every donation supports the medical treatment and rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles, as well as, their release. In addition, the Karen Beasley center sends out volunteers to protect sea turtle nests from being disturbed or poached. (Who dare poaches sea turtle eggs? The villains!) Shelly Cove mainly supports The Karen Beasley center, but monthly they donate to a selected turtle hospital or conservancy.


Shelly Cove first began with shirts that aimed at being trendy and cute while also providing support for endangered sea turtles. Since, Shelly Cove has grown to include shorts, pants, hats, bracelets, iphone cases, and much more! They continue to design new and creative pieces to keep up with the beachy-boho theme while keeping it true to their main spokesperson…the sea turtle! They urge customers to take pictures of their purchased goods and post to social media outposts such as Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #SaveTheTurtles. To further encourage Shelly Covers to spread the word, they hold a weekly contest where contestants can win Shelly Cove gift cards. Customers post a picture of themselves in Shelly Cove attire to Instagram or Twitter with #ShellyCove. Then the Shelly Cove crew picks the most creative photo of the week and the winner receives a $10 Shelly Cove Rewards card.

It’s all in fun and a way to gain some much needed hype towards a desperate cause. Please see my post Lovely Sea Turtles to learn more about why we need to desperately help these beautiful creatures. Also, visit Shelly Cove’s Shelly Facts for quick tidbits of sea turtle information.


Personally I have already bought these cute gray, soft shorts with a red embroidered Shelly Cove icon on the leg. I wear them everywhere! Perfect to slip over bathing suit bottoms or wear around the house. Very comfortable! My next purchase will be the boho tank. I’m stoked to start wearing both items when doing beach clean-ups. What made me love this organization even more was how they shipped my items. I received 2 shorts in the same package (the smallest that could fit both) and each pair of shorts was wrapped nicely in recycled paper and tied with yarn. In the middle of the yarn was a card and a cute turtle charm. The card read on the back about their mission and hopes for their product to start an awareness movement about endangered sea turtles. Furthermore, the card is 100% recycled, 100% post-consumer waste, processed chlorine-free paper. (Yeah!)











THEY THINK OF EVERYTHING! From the product to the shipping to the presentation, all was geared towards the care and protection of our planet. Way to go Shelly Cove!

Please check out this wonderful organization if you’re in need of some comfy and cute beach attire. Feel good buying items for the beach while also supporting one of the ocean’s many important creatures…the sea turtle!



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