Louisiana Flood – What Small Things You Can Do!

Louisiana was hit by a historic flood beginning on August 12th. It is considered the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. Although relief efforts are being made, victims are in desperate need of more help.

By now, most of you have heard or have had family affected by these floods. The amount of people affected is unreal to me. An estimated 110,000 homes have been damaged. Even worst, the majority of these homes were without flood insurance because they were not listed in a “high flood risk area.” FEMA is working hard to help all of those without flood insurance and there are many organizations rushing to their aide, but they still need more help. Families lost everything and hundreds of animals are displaced. Kids are going without schooling, schools and teachers have lost everything, businesses, farms, the list goes on and on.

When I heard about the floods, I immediately started looking up where I could donate clothes, figuring these people needed clothes and other amenities! I am thankful for my research though because I found that the organizations in Louisiana do NOT need my hand-me-downs. With disasters like this, people losing homes, others immediately start donating clothes, toys, etc. What happens is all the organizations get overrun with donations (excess of clothes) and end up throwing them out due to lack of volunteers, storage, and items damaged from the weather. I have found a very good site that lists all the organizations that are helping the Louisiana victims and exactly what they need.

Why money is key and why it should be the number 1 form of donation? According to Volunteer Louisiana, these are the reason for monetary donations:

  • Cash donations help to avoid the labor and expense of sorting, packing, transporting and distributing donated goods.
  • Voluntary relief agencies use cash to meet individual needs more quickly.
  • Purchasing relief supplies available in the impacted community helps the local economy to recover more quickly.
  • A community hit by a disaster will not have the time, manpower or money to store or dispose of unneeded donations.

Donation centers become overwhelmed and the amount of time and volunteer power it costs to sort all the donations ends up hurting the organization rather than helping.

Refuse to donate just money, but want to help?¬†Follow my links because some organizations list very specific items they are in desperate need of. Many items include new toiletries like razors and toothpaste, pet supplies like leashes, pet food, and crates, and bedding. Other organizations have Wish Lists on Amazon. Please utilize those lists if you don’t feel secure donating money.

Also if you live in Louisiana or neighboring states, please think about visiting on weekends or days off to volunteer and provide aide to these people. Many pets need foster homes, while people need help salvaging what is left of their homes.

Links to the very large list of organizations for donations and volunteering:

NOLA.com – “Here’s How to Help the Louisiana Flood Victims

NOLA.com – “Outside Louisiana? Here’s Where to Mail Donations for Flooding Victims

NOLA.com – “How to help pets, other animals affected by Louisiana flood

Volunteer Louisiana – “Disaster Services/Donate

I urge you to take some time, visit the links, and help out these people. I know it’s hard with our current political crisis of watching big corporations throw millions towards political leaders, leaving the middle class high and dry, but we can’t do anything about that right now. Refusing to help a neighbor isn’t going to get back at anybody and $5 out of your wallet is nothing in the long run. Just go searching for money on the ground next week or recycle and you’ll make that back. To me, the moment we become a society of “me, me, me” or survival of the fittest, is the day we lose our humanity. These people need to rebuild their lives so they can begin working for our economy again and help their cities.

Everything comes full circle. Help the right cause. Donate to the Louisiana victims.


Here are pictures of what I donated to the Louisiana flood victims. I chose to donate items to Louisiana Bobcat Refuge and Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue through their Amazon Wishlists. (What can I say, I’m partial to animals!) The Amazon Wishlists allow me to send an item the organization wants or needs. Also, a $10 donation through NOLA Pay It Forward Fund.
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