Recycled Marine Debris Bracelets: Planet Love Life

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From Planet Love Life

PLANET LOVE LIFE is a wonderful marine conservation group that collects marine debris and recycles the debris into bracelets. They are an eco-friendly company working to come up with innovative ways to recycle common and problematic marine debris.

The founders are a husband and wife team who organize beach cleanups on the remote islands of the Bahamas. They also accept donations of marine debris from all over. Visit the History page on their site to learn more about what led to the creation of these recycled bracelets.

To support Planet Love Life, they sell various colored bracelets, keychains, and charms with their company logo. The items are top quality and you will be helping them to organize beach clean ups and create new┬áitems. We need to shift our focus more strongly to “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Planet Love Life has found a way to clean up the beaches and reuse/recycle debris┬áinto cute fashion pieces. “Each bracelet represents the life of a marine animal” – Planet Love Life.

According to an article by National Geographic title “Ocean Trash: 5.25 Trillion Pieces and Counting, But Questions Remain,” as of January 2015, there’s about 5.25 TRILLION pieces of trash floating around the ocean with the majority of the trash being plastic microfibers that sit throughout all depths of the sea. Scientists are also finding that the plastic accumulates in various ocean ecosystems for a yet unexplained reason.

Marine debris in all forms greatly affects marine life and the ecosystem. Sea Turtles, whales, sharks, dolphins, etc. are consistently caught as bycatch (unintentionally caught species in fishing nets) and perish before they can be released. The fishing industry is working to reduce this issue, but fishing nets and gear still litter the ocean. Besides fishing net and gear, trash infiltrates our storm drain systems, which lead directly to the ocean. Plastic straws, cigarette buds, and plastic bottle caps are among the most lethal to marine animals as they appear to be small bits of food to them, but get stuck in their system and never dissolve in their stomachs. Read more about marine debris and what actions YOU can do to combat it here.

Contact Plant Love Life if you want to be a part of their beach clean-ups or if you have some marine debris such as fishing net or rope that you would like to send them to use in their products. BUT DON’T WAIT! Take a lesson out of Planet Love Life and begin cleaning up the beach NOW! Each time you visit, you have a chance to walk the beach and pick up trash. Any and all efforts count, and you’ll feel better knowing you contributed to saving the ocean ecosystem.

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