Support Marine Conservation with Sand Cloud Beach Towels

sand cloud towl-washington

Another week, another stupendous cause! Today I want to highlight Sand Cloud Beach Towels, a beach-lifestyle organization that donates 10% of net profits to marine conservation groups.

Sand Cloud Towels is the idea by a few young entrepreneurs in sunny San Diego (yeah hometown!) looking to combine beach and conservation efforts. Their goal is to create beach towels that provide a stylish blanket to lay upon, fold up easily for storage, and raise money for marine conservation. Partnering with local marine conservation groups and using an ambassador program, Sand Cloud grew into a reputable company with over 180,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Sand Cloud Towels sell mainly trendy beach towels, but continue to expand their product options. Within the past year, they now are selling sustainable water bottles, jewelry, iphone cases, bags/clutches, and shirts. The style focuses on bohemian beach vibes and sea turtles.

Currently, Sand Cloud supports three marine conservation groups: Surfrider Foundation, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and San Diego Coast Keeper. All three are in Southern California and focus on keeping our beaches and oceans clean. As well as, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center focuses on rehabilitating marine life, specifically pinnipeds (seals and sea lions). All wonderful organizations in their own right. Please visit their websites to learn more about them and the amazing things they do!

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Sand Cloud has honed in on #savethefishies and #diditforthetowel. They encourage their followers to post pictures of their products with the hashtags to have a chance to be featured on Sand Cloud accounts.

Really enjoy their products? Consider becoming part of their ambassador program. Ambassadors are given a special discount code (see mine below!) to share on social media accounts and with their friends. Each time the code is used, the ambassador receives reward points that are added to their account. Ambassadors redeem reward points for more Sand Cloud products. Earning points without making a purchase is also done through promotional emails the Sand Cloud team sends Ambassadors. Sound exciting? Then, visit this link, fill out the necessary info (name, email, Instgram tag), and they’ll send you a discount code.

If you want to purchase a different style of beach towel (or other beach goodies) that warms your heart, then head on over to Sand Cloud! Because what isn’t better than tanning on the beach and supporting it at the same time.


I own the super cute Whale Tale clutch (above) and the Seafoam towel (seen with my dog below). I plan to purchase another towel soon to mount as a tapestry in my home!

Use discount code MCMEGAN25 for 25% off your next Sand Cloud order!

bailey on sand cloud towel
My dog Bailey relaxing on my Sand Cloud towel 🙂

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